If you own a recreational vehicle or a snowmobile, then you know a lot about adventure. However, you should also know how important it is to keep yourself protected and safe, which is why All Time Insurance offers recreational insurance for those individuals who own properties they use for sports or leisure.

Many Canadians are unaware that if they use an ATV or snowmobile on public roads or properties, they are legally required to have it insured. For this reason, it’s important that you are always well prepared and safe by purchasing a recreational insurance policy that covers you and your property. Recreational insurance coverage includes accident-related damages, theft, vandalism and liability. To figure out the type of coverage you need, talk to one of our knowledgeable brokers to find out what type of insurance will work best for your recreational property.

We help you find the best recreational insurance rates from reputable companies for the following different types of properties:

  • ATVs: Your all-terrain vehicle and recreational vehicles gets you to a lot of places, which is why you should get them insured. Making sure you have the right coverage can give you peace of mind to enjoy all your vehicles on-road and off.
  • RVs: We also provide coverage for trailers, park-model trailers, motorhomes, etc.  
  • Boats: Own a boat for leisure use? Make sure that you are protecting your recreational property by insuring it with us. Our recreational property specialist help you find a motorboat insurance policy that covers a wide range of services.
  • Snowmobile: If you are going to use your snowmobile to get around during winters, then it’s considered a mode of transport. Legally, you are required to purchase an insurance policy that covers you and your property from accidents or damages.

Protect your investment and yourself. Call us today to learn more about our options for recreational insurance. 1-855-734-2842